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  1. I regularly need to merge several map tiles where each tile is a separate jpeg file. I then import them into EGPS as a single, scanned jpeg file. I have been using Photoshop to open the individual files and align and merge the map tiles into a single file. Does anyone have different, perhaps simpler way of doing this merging?
  2. I used to use street maps overlaid on US aerials a lot. I know this feature went away recently. I thought that extract map features from OpenStreetMap was supposed to be the replacement but when I click on that nothing seems to happen. I am wondering if there is a replacement for streets overlaid on aerials?
  3. I occasionally find misplaced tiles from US TOPO MAP. Is there a way to report these to whoever hosts the tiles, so they can be fixed? The one I found today is near N47.56° W093.22° at the levels showing 1:24000 maps. The map tile which displays shows Lake Namakan. These tiles also correctly show near N48.44° W62.56°.
  4. I have OS raster map tiles at various scales, the corners of each tile are easily textually defined using the OS GB co-ordinate system, is there a way I can associate a text file with each map rather than having to manually geo-reference them? Many thanks.