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  1. In EasyGPS, switching the coordinate system from WGS84 UTM to GDA 1994 MGA Zone 55 does not change the east and north coordinates at all. This is not correct because MGA94 locations are about 1.3 m from UTM locations. I realize most GPS receivers won't be precise enough for this to matter, but high-precision receivers are becoming more and more common. Also EasyGPS displays coordinates to two decimal digits by default, so those decimal digits should be correct. And having incorrect MGA94 conversions makes one wonder about more important conversions, such as to AGD1984 AMG Zone 55 which can be 200 m different than UTM.
  2. I am new to EXpertGPS. I have shape files in NAD 1983 State Plain Texas South FIPS Feet and need to re-project these data to WGS84 decimal degrees so I can get the KML files with the WGS 84 decimal degrees coordinate points. I can read the original NAD shapefiles which are displayed in ExpertGPS over a geographic grid for some reason that escapes me that puts them near the north pole, but cannot see how to get them into WGS84 and back in south Texas where they belong Any help appreciated Ted Daniels Duval_Co_Parcels.gpx