Use of EZGPS & USAPhotoMaps with Garmin Oregon 400t

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I submit the following for review and comment:

USAPM Routes, Tracks, & Transfer to Garmin 400t GPS via EasyGPS


1. Routes (.txt) can be made in USAPM by using Waypoints

2. These Routes (.txt) cannot be edited/adjusted/altered without starting a new Route from scratch

3. USPM Tracks (.csv) can be edited/adjusted/altered without starting a new Track

4. A USAPM Route (.txt) can be “converted” to a USAPM Track (.csv) and then edited/adjusted/altered

5. I have not found a way to download a USAPM Route (.txt) or Track (.csv) directly to the Garmin 400t.

6. However, EasyGPS can be used to upload an EasyGPS Route if that Route has been created in EasyGPS!

Process of Creating a Route and Converting it to a Track in USAPM

1) Open Waypoints and choose the appropriate file of already-created waypoints (if you need to create them, see “Entering Waypoints” section).

2) Create a Route using Pointer as directed

3) “Escape” to finish and Save

i. Assign file name

ii. Save as .txt file

4) Go to GPS>Route>Convert to Track

i. USAPM folder should appear…double click on file

ii. Assign name and save as .csv file

5) To edited/adjust/alter the Track go to GPS>Track>Display

i. Double click on file and follow directions on popup inset

ii. If all Waypoints in the area are not showing, go to Waypoints>Open/New and select the appropriate file of Waypoints

iii. Make changes as needed, per HELP instructions

iv. If the Track is to be unloaded to the GPS, record the Order and Name of the Waypoints (You will use this information to construct a Route in EasyGPS.

v. If the USAPM Waypoint file (.gpx) used to make the Track is not already in EasyGPS, it must be transferred to the EasyGPS program (see “Entering Waypoints….” below)

Entering Waypoints in USAPM and Downloading Waypoints from USAPM to EasyGPS

1) In USAPM click on “Go To” and choose the subset that is the most helpful

2) On the keyboard, “F” key to fill-in the map

a. Move map to area desired, Zoom in and Out as needed

b. left click to set Waypoint and name, and a file (.xml) of Waypoints will be start being built in the USAPM folder

c. Continue making, naming Waypoints until finished

3) Highlight (left click) on file and “rename” it with a “.gpx” extension

4) Open the EasyGPS program, left click on “Open” then click on “My Computer” on left side

a. Go to “C” Drive>Program Files>USAPhotoMaps

b. Click on the desired .gpx file to load the Waypoints into EasyGPS

5) Construct the desired Route using the list and order of Waypoints that you made in step 5) iv.

6) Toggle “Lists” to Routes and highlight Route and “Edit Route” to name and add comments

7) Attach GPS via USB, and select “Mass Storage” > YES

8) Toggle to Waypoints and select those to be up-loaded to GPS

a. Click on “GPS” at top and select “Send Selected to GPS” to then left click on “Send to GPS”

9) Toggle to Routes and select those to be up-loaded to GPS

a. Click on “GPS” at top and select “Send Selected to GPS” to then left click on “Send to GPS”

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While it's cheaper to rely on a collection of freeware programs, there are real benefits to using an all-in-one solution designed specifically for a given task. ExpertGPS Home is the "big brother" of EasyGPS, and does everything you've described above in a single click or two, seamlessly integrating your GPS data with USGS topo maps, aerial photos, and your own scanned maps.

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