GPX Files Not Usable by MotionX-GPS?

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I need to convert shapefiles into gpx files and import the gpx files into MotionX GPS-HD (v22). The starting shapefiles are parcel boundaries - nominally polygons, but can be converted to polylines if necessary. I have been using a convoluted process involving converting polygons shapefiles to polylines, then to a kmz, unzipping kmz to a kml,and importing the kml into GPS Babel. Have been using GPX version 1.0. ExpertGPS seems to be able to convert the polygon shapefile directly into a gpx (as a track).

But the gpx files created so simply(!) using ExpertGPS are apparently not acceptable to MotionGPS's processing. I'm using the following methodology'''

1. From your Mac or PC, email the gpx file to

2. Check your email (the same account you used to mail the gpx file) using the iPhone’s native “Mail” application. You should receive a reply from MotionX within a few minutes.

3. Touch the “Select Here” link in the reply. MotionX-GPS will launch automatically and begin the import.

4. Once MotionX-GPS has begun the import, select “Confirm” when prompted.

5. When the import is complete, go to the Tracks page from the main Menu to see your imported track(s) or the Waypoints page to view your imported waypoints.

When I email the gpx files to MX, I either don't get any reply at all, or a file 'containing no data' is sent back. Sometimes the gpx file can be viewed in ExpertGPS's map, sometimes not.

Here's the workflow I used (and documented assuming it was going to be successful).....

Start ExpertGPS
Click on File > Import Data from Other Programs. The Import window will appear.
Navigate to the location where the boundary shapefile is stored. 
Make sure the file type (highlighted yellow dropdown menu) is set to shapefile.
Select the shapefile you want to import and click on the Open button.
The Import Polygons window will appear.
Click OK. A map will appear.with the boundary.
File > Export Data on Map. Choose gpx format. 
gpx file is created.

But after sending to, and receiving the 'processed' gpx, and clicking on the link to import to MotionXGPS-HD, I am told 'Importing one item.' and then 'Import Finished - 1 item was read but didn't contain any data.'

Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted!


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ExpertGPS converts shapefiles to shapes, not tracks. So there's one more step to do. After you've imported the shapefile, select all in the Shape List or on the map, right-click, and Convert to Tracks.

Then save as GPX (or export to GPX 1.0 format if MotionX has trouble with GPX 1.1 files)



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