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Been using ExpertGPS for around 10 years, maybe a little less, and don't want to stop. Use basic and GIS version along the way. I've been using a Magellan XL for the larger than most handheld screen. However, without glasses, ,my eyes can't focus on the objects on the screen any longer. And, I can't focus on the road/trail with glasses on because I still have great long range vision. It's heck getting "old" (I'm not old, just my eyes!, LOL). 

Anyway, time for a larger screen - somewhere around the 7-10" size and I'd like help identifying a unit that still functions superbly with ExpertGPS (maintained agreement for support and updating/upgrading) and also has good user functionality.

Uses, needs & desirable attributes: 4x4, trail riding, marine function, outdoor, in-difficult weather, snow/ice/rain/sleet/high heat, and screen must be easily visible in extreme sunlight. Must have good POI navigation and collection, color screen, AA battery option, cable charging, cable up/downloading, datum functions (NAD83/27, UTM, State Plane, Geographic Lat/Lon preferably in DDD.DDDDD, DDD,MM.MMMMM, and, DDD,MM,SS.SSSS), SD or other expandable storage card/feature, back/night light, flashlight is nice but not required.

I mount the unit on quads, snowmobiles, motorcycles and dirt bikes. I've been using velcro for mounting because it is easier, holds strong and is removable. That requires at least a decent flat rear surface area to ensure a good velcro hold.

Any positive replies are welcome. Thank you,


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Get an android tablet.  Get a good case for it (otterbox).  Install the map program Maverick.  Get a good mount (Ram Mount).  That's what I use on my mountainbike and motorcycle.

Maverick reads GPX files; both waypoints and tracks, just by putting them in the folder.  It doesn't have near the functionality of ExpertGPS, but it's great for displaying your position on maps while offline. It has a great topo map, and the National Geographic map is beautiful.

- Manage your tracks/waypoints with ExpertGPS
- Display them while on-the-go/in-the-field using Maverick on your tablet.

– Maverick lite (free) or pro ($6 paid)
This app lets you download download maps over wifi or your phone provider, and then use in the field with no data connection.  It is a map program only, no road routing.  It has about 40 basemaps.  The maps I commonly use are Nokia (road maps), National Geographic maps, ESRI USA Topo Maps (there's a few other topo map options), and MS Hybrid maps (aerial photo with roads overlaid).
  >> Lite version:  You have to manually download maps by zooming in on them as you go.
  >> Pro version: lets you zoom out, select an area, and select what map detail levels to download.  Goes on sale about 3 or 4 times a year (black friday/holidays), well worth it.
One drawback:  You can't move maps to the external SD card as of Jan 2017.




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